Hello thinks its me zen…

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This A Test Post

This A WordPress Reader Test

Auto play SoundCloud links within WordPress reader – I have posted a SoundCloud auto play link test below which uses Adobe Flash and seems to disregard your browser settings within the WordPress reader this may only be effecting Firefox users if this effecting your WordPress reader as a subscriber please respond to this post so that this can reported as an issue…

Link Removed – Thank you to those who helped I can now report this issue many thanks again for your input

Happy Birthday

What In The World Is This

Happy Birthday Krystal

Sorry this a few days late hope you had a good birthday LOL to you from me the zen like think <3

Freaky Fractal Think

The Owl Shroom

The Many Thinks Within Zen

Hello everybody it me the zen like think and how you doink anyhow this like an owl think that right it an owl think there a lot of thinks it a post of thinks, far from a single think there are positively many thinks !


Enter The Room

Of Freaky Shrooms

Of Freaky Shrooms

Hello everybody it me the zen like think and me has to say it good to be back postink me has decided also to embrace the insidious new smileys with their strange long necks and one missink ear how freaky, however it would be wrong to call meself the zen like think and not to take pity on the strange deformities and fall in line and welcome these freaky alien mutant things to me site – Anyhow this me strange fractal think and a little bonus just to freak me subscribers well it is the time of the easter egg thought zen !


Hello Everybody

The Smiley Project

It me the zen like think – I have done some adjustments which should take effect immediately on the two posts relating to smilies which may have freaked me site posts in your WordPress reader they mended now me thinks -