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Hey ! What have you done NOW you Happy Coders – You made me spill my tea ?

Well me has now finally settled for happy coders afteral we can adjust to new changes here on WordPress we should be able to – Adapt – Overcome –  Improvise and indeed Modify dat which flows within are way – Dat is the Ethos the tao within the zen koan – The long swim within the river of code – For here is but only a river within a great sea…


Fractal Art Lost Within The Fog

The Dead Forest Smogville 1884

The Great Pyramids Smogville 1884

Land Of The Sky Hives Smogville 1884

Fractal Art Smogville 1884 By Me Zen

A Chance Meeting With Fractals

The Freaky Fractal Collage And The Party Hat

You May Ask Yourself
Just For Me
Two very different fractal pieces my party hat is very special to me its worn for extraordinary occasions !

The Art Of Reflections

Zen And The White Cat
Hello everybody it me the zen like think and me has been working on reflections, that right a state of reflection obvious, intentional positioning of object relationships equals in this case reflections. However often but not always merging of object relationships and distant surroundings and other thinks create freaky object reflections quite often unintentional and like photography subconsciously the mind rewrites this just like a piece code and creates a new image fragment of somethink it is forced by the nature of things to believe it has seen, solidity can often be freaky and often it does not exist so allowing the mind to flow within and beyond the creative air just like the scent of jasmine tea flowing on the four winds – I like tea do you ?

That was a nice cup of tea zen how was it for you, freaky ! Anyhow back to those reflections and the white cat and a donkey think with a planet for an eye, well it is freaky friday and it has been sometime since a freaky friday post has been posted so – I spy within my creative inner eye the mysterious linen suited person an alien like think and quite probubbly many more thinks and me thought it would also post this older image where quite unintentionally the face of tintin can be seen that’s right tintin and for those of you out there who have never heard of such a think as tintin then the ever-increasing distance between the self and tea may be the problem – Freaky !

Thats Right Fractal Noir

Reflective Abstract Digital Art With Zen

Raindrops And Reflections
Just playing around with simple form structure, textures lighting and reflections in my usual simple way made with zen and a little help with – Bryce 3D

Metallic Delirium

Zen And The Strange Sounds Of The Monkey Birds

Reflections And Spinning Tops
You may ask yourself what kind of title is that, well let me explain after an insidious long holiday of not posting here there me was trying to come up with a post title to go with reflections and spinning tops and whilst trying to think of something – I took a short breath of fresh air and not being that far from the coast often gulls seem to hover inland over the forest of zen, that where me lives – Anyhow these birds from the coastal area where happily catching the warm air rising and elevating themselves to great heights way up into the deep blue sky above whilst screaming with joy and making strange monkey sounds, it all quite freaky really and sometimes and that how zen thinks work it just happens !


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